Friday, 22 January 2016

A Wedding to Remember

One of the most memorable weddings I've been to took place 15 years back. It was far from perfect, but I fondly remember it because of its hilarity and the good time had by all. 

It started with a disaster, only a few days earlier the bride received a call, their wedding venue had gone bankrupt and they would need to find an alternative. The hunt begin and sure enough they found a caterer and a bar that was more than happy to host.

Luck was now on their side. What else could possibly go wrong? 

Standing in the front pew was my aunt, mother of the groom. She was wearing a floaty chiffon dress. During the service, the straps of the under slip snapped and it fell. It took a while for her to realise that a) this had happened, and b) the outer layer was see-through. There she stood at the front of the church showing her knickers to everyone. (After we stopped laughing we fixed it with safety pins and she soldiered on).

The heavens opened as we left the church. Most guests, including myself were optimistically dressed for sunshine, not a coat or umbrella in sight. We all hurried into the coach and off we went to the new reception venue. About half way there, the coach broke down. By the time we reached the reception, we looked like drowned rats. 

There was some sort of mix up with the catering, oh dear. Whilst we tucked into chilli con carne served on paper plates, another party was enjoying the wedding feast that had been ordered. 

As for the speeches, the best man swayed from side to side, rambled some nonsense and then had to be rescued by the groom as he sobbed into the microphone. 

This all sounds awful, but it was bloody brilliantly. Everyone had embraced the humour of it. Guests were laughing and joking. The bride and groom were having the time of their lives.

Once the DJ started, the music was cranked up and everyone hit the dance floor, some took to dancing on the chairs, (including my usually reserved father). This wedding had turned into something very special. 

What could go wrong did, and yet this is still one of the most fun wedding I've ever had the pleasure of attending. If things don't go to plan on your wedding day, don't stress. Your guests will have a great time regardless.