The Green Tea Gimlet Cocktail

To make a batch of 4 you need

5oz of Tanqueray gin 

2 heaped teaspoons of Genmai Cha Japanese green tea

3oz of fresh lime juice

2oz of sugar syrup (Easy to make, its equal amounts of sugar to water heated until the sugar is dissolved and left to cool. I make up enough to fill a bottle and keep it in the fridge)

4 lime wheels as a garnish



Put the tea into the gin and leave to infuse overnight

Leave glasses in the freezer to chill

Drain tea-infused gin. (I'm sure you can buy some fancy gadget to do this, but I use a clean pop sock)

Squeeze limes

Fill a cocktail mixer with ice, add gin, lime juice and sugar syrup stir until thoroughly chilled

Pour into chilled glasses

Add lime wedge garnish